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Cronicle: C3
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Rates: 4x4x6x4
Computer: Xeon Core Quad 3.2 Ghz, 16 GB DDR3 ECC Raid 0
Lineage 2 c3

Guide about how install Lineage 2 c3 client with antivirus issues

Some bad quality antivirus will say that client dll like for example engine.dll or fyre.dll is a virus but is fake report those files are just maybe encrypted at md5

If antivirus like : windows defender . avast . avira . etc... gives a warn during download / install process .
Maybe it will destroy or corrupt installation files and then you will not be able to loging.

then will be needed disable antivirus and restart process from 0, download game again, and after install you should add the lineage 2 c3 files that your antivirus found "dangerous" to "exception" or "white" list , then enable again antivirus. if you can't recall what files are just add the entire lineage 2 c3 folder to exception list

Don't want brain death ? , would like fast way to play now !! ? An easy way is disable and permanent unistall all of them topcoat windows defender , since antivirus is unusefull tool . antispyware is better like "malwarebytes"

Antivirus forum topic

Guide step by step for kids:

  • Write in notepad L2 files that your antivirus found as "dangerous" during download or install step
  • Is important to know if antivirus warn during download or install setup. if It gaved warn during download , then you will need redownload again
  • Now is important to know what antivirus is fucking your life: avast . avira . also carefull with windows defender installed by defalt and used to work in silent mode.
  • Okey. now we know 1: the "dangerous" files. 2: when antivirus warned . 3: antivirus name
  • 1- Disable antivirus real time protection. if is windows defender you may need unistall it
  • 2- Download game again recommended. (at least if antivirus warned during download process) just a reinstallation would be unusefull
  • 3- Install game and verify that you can loging
  • 4- Now you must add Lineage 2 c3 folder to "exception list" of your antivirus (folder by default C: / program files [x86] /
  • - or you can add files that your antivirus detect as malware
  • 5- Now you should be able to play without problems . also i recommend usage of malwayrebytes
  • If still with prblems contact administration via shoutbox , forum , or skype

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